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The New project is HERE !!

Finally new my project has begun !! It is called " The Books & I " Some people know tht I am a bookworm. I actually take a slower train in the morning when I go to London, so I can dedicate more time for reading a book.

For me reading books are simple pleasure to dive into soneone's imaginary world. I can see the storyline in my head like a movie is playing.

So the project has 2 parts. One is creative images which I make by an inspiration from a book I am reading. then second part is a portrait picture of the book's author.

Yes. it is a corroboration of wriiten art and visual art.

So far I have made 3 images and asked the 3 authors to spare time for me for the portrait shoot.

I hope they will respond me with the asnwer of YES. Fingers Crossed.

My new project is available on "Projects" section under the name of "The Books & I"

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